The Book Launch for SHADOW was a Huge Success!


On January 14 at the Hellenic Community Centre, SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON was launched to a standing-room only crowd.

GetInline.jpgMr Kremmydas

The launch was hosted by Mr. Ilias Kremmydas, the Greek Consul of Vancouver. He spoke about the novel, how much he enjoyed reading this bit of history that not many people know about – what happened after the death of Alexander the Great.  He compared the novel as being the Greek version of Game of Thrones, except it’s a true story!


I gave special thanks to the Greek Consul who has been supporting me with this writing project since 1991 and continue to do so. And thanks to the Greek community too, for all their support. It was an honor to be able to hold the launch at the Hellenic Community Centre here in Vancouver and invitations had been sent to the Greek community by Mr. Kremmydas.

Several friends spoke about the development of the novel from its beginning, and gave reviews of the finished product. I was grateful for their support too. And to see so many friends, some who had come from Vancouver Island, just to attend.

I was completely overwhelmed by the response and look forward now to doing lots more promoting of the book. The copies I had with me sold out i minutes, so I hope this is an indication that they will continue to sell as well.


Next week I am going to Vancouver Island for a book reading and next month I have two other readings scheduled. So I am looking forward to presenting SHADOW to as many audiences as I can in future.

Thanks, everyone for your support.  So far, my readers have given high praise to the book and that makes me very happy.  It was a long journey to write it. I expect it to be a long journey to present it to the world.  But I’m sure it’s going to continue being a big success!