A Great Review for SHADOW OF THE LION

I haven’t posted anything for quite a while and intend to catch up on posts soon. But here is a fabulous review that a reader sent me about SHADOW OF THE LION.
Lysis Elizabeth‎
Ruth Kozak
8 hrs

Ruth, I have read “Shadow of the Lion” and went too leave a review and found that Amazon won’t allow me ro leave a review. I have contacted Amazon to find out what exactly I did wrong that forbids me from leaving a review because I will want to leave one there for you.
Is there anywhere else I can leave a review?

Your novel is absolutely excellent. I actually found it better than Renault’s “Funeral Games”. The characters are all clearly delineated and one can truly see the despair and growing hatred on the part of the Successors toward one another in their bid to have the empire Alexander left behind.

I really liked that you gave us a more fully rounded out view of all the individuals affected by Alexander’s death. Some that I usually found unappealing, such as Meleager more human and can see more clearly the way his mind worked re Alexander’s death and Philip Arridios and little Iskander.

I found myself so hooked into each character’s actions. Some of it is very sympathetic such as Roxshanak and Iskander. Your Roxshanak is a much stronger and easier to understand her motivations. I feel for her and her tremendous loss. While I don’t particularly agree Alexander was truly in love with her, I do like that you show that there was a sincere devotion toward her on his part.

What comes through so clearly and shows the tremendous tragedy of his death is the breakdown of the commradery among all the generals. I find it full of unackmowledged personal grief not just for Alexander’s death, but the great loss to humanity caused by his early death. This comes through clearly with Nabarzabes and Thettelos characterizations. They have been close enough and smart enough to see the tragedy in Alexander’s early death not just for his army but in the loss of his dream for humanity. We are still affected by the loss of his dreams, his belief in a brotherhood of man.

To me your novel speaks clearly to us today of the horrible cost humanity has paid because of the selfishness and lack of vision on the part of the Successors.

Thank you for writing such an incredible book. Lysis.