ANTIPATER (born 397 BCE Рdied 319) was a Macedonian general and trustworthy commander of Philip II of Macedon.  Following the Battle of Charonea in 338, he was entrusted with the task of accompanying young Prince Alexander to Athens to take the remains of the Athenians killed in the battle.  He was one of the leading figures in Macedon and afer the assassination of Phil in 336, he helped to secure the succession to the throne for Alexander. When Alexander was named king at age 20 and left for his conquest of Asia, he left Antipater in charge as Regent.

Antipater’s main task was to hold down the northern frontier against hostile tribe and keep order among the Greek states. He was unpopular in Greece because he supported the oligarchic governments. There also conflicts with Alexander’s indomitable mother, Olympias, who he described as “a sharp-tongued shrew” Her attempts to meddle in government affairs forced Alexander to intercede and eventually she returned to her home in Dodona, Epirus in exile.

After Alexander’s death, when Perdikkas became leader of the army, Antipater too control of Macedon and Greece. After Perdikkas’ death,he was named Regent of the Macedonian Empire for the two joint kings: the intellectually disfunctional Philip III and Alexander’s infant son, Alexander IV (Iskander).

Antipater died in 319 BCE aged 80 after he had named Commander Polyperchon as Regent, inciting anger with his eldest son Kassandros who would eventually take control and was responsible for the fall of Alexander the Great’s dynasty.

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